19 1/2" x 25 1/2"
$1800 (per person - includes shoulders)

30" x 40"
$2200 (per person - waist up)



19 1/2" x 25 1/2"
$3500+ - Complete pet, per animal -- life-sized (for cats and smaller dogs)

27 1/2" x 39"
$5000+ - Complete pet, per animal -- life-sized
(or reduced from life-sized to fit)



19" x 24"
$400 (per person - includes shoulders)

30" x 40"
$600 (per person - waist-up)

Options exist for additional sizes and content. All sizes indicate paper size. Additional composition fees may be required. Pet portrait prices range on size, type and complexity of the animal. People included with pet -- to be discussed with the artist. Prices may vary for odd sizes and for additional or more difficult content. Prices do not include matting, framing or NY sales tax.


Portraits are mostly drawn from photographs the artist takes. All portraits are life-size. Photo sessions last about one hour and are taken in the studio or outdoors. There is no charge for these photographs or session. The artist takes 50-60 photos per person. Additional photos can be taken of a specific location if it is to be incorporated into the drawing. Often that is done separate from the heads, due to lighting specifics for faces. (If two or more people are in the drawing, subjects are often taken together as well as apart.) Existing photos will be accepted, but it is up to the artist's discretion, as there has to be a certain clarity of detail, lighting and gesture that will be acceptable to create a good portrait. Additionally, professional photos can be used as a reference, but there has to be permission from the original photographer.


The artist culls through all the photos taken at the photography session and selects 5-6 of each person that she thinks would be acceptable for reference to draw -- as well as to meet her standards for gesture, lighting, and relationship to other subjects in the art. These selections are then forwarded to the client for discussion and final selection. Composition decisions, using sketches, are mutually agreed upon and finalized. During the drawing process, the artist allows one visit, near the beginning stages, to review placement, add comments and for overall general acceptability.


A portrait could take from one to three months, depending on commission schedule. A deposit is required to be on the waiting list.


A 35% deposit is required after the photo selections have been agreed upon and before the art is begun. Customers may reject a finished portrait but once the artwork has been started the deposit is not refundable. Balance is due upon pick-up.


Pastels are limited to the size of paper available (up to 30" x 40".) All pastels are done on a toned background -- which is a standard for this kind of art. The artist prefers arranging subjects seated, especially in the case of two or more subjects, because the heads and bodies can be closer together and relatable to one another. This creates a more artistic composition, and allows all the heads to be in relatively the same plane of space within the framework.


Any expenses incurred by the artist to travel beyond a 15-mile radius of New York City will be added to the final cost of the art.